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Mental Training

Winning the Head Games: Climbing with Anxiety

9 Things You Can Learn from Not Sending Your Project

Climbing Technique

Sending Your First 5.12: Movement Drills for Climbers

Quick Tips for Climbing Overhang

How to Heel Hook Correctly

Two Classic, Effective Ways to Improve Footwork for Climbing


Four Strength Training Myths Debunked: Lifting for Climbers

A Better Way to Train Your Abs

Four Hangboard Protocols to Increase Finger Strength

Travel Friendly Training: 2 Workouts you Can do Today with Minimal or no Equipment

Beginner Hangboarding: 6 Questions to ask yourself before you start hangboarding

Energy Systems

How to Train with a Moonboard

Climbing Endurance: A Guide to ARC Training

Running and Climbing Part 1: Can running help your climbing?

Running and Climbing Part 2: General vs. Sport Specific Endurance

Running and Climbing Part 3: Running for Weight Loss

Power Endurance: 4 Workouts to Improve Power Endurance

Planning Your Training

5 Tips for Two a Day Climbing Training

Training for Climbing: The Rule of 75/25

Climbing Goals for 2019 from Around the US

5 Reasons You Should Start Climbing in 2019

How to Train for Skiing and Climbing at the Same Time

Review of Steve Bechtel’s Logical Progression Program

How to Make A Training Plan Part 1: Goals You Can Point To

How to Make a Training Plan Part 2: The Six Elements of Sending

How to Make a Training Plan Part 3: Block Vs. Non-Linear Periodization

How to Make a Training Plan Part 4: Fitting it all in

How to Make a Training Plan Part 5: Tracking your Training

Three Reasons Why You Should Track Your Climbing and Training

A Comprehensive Guide to Tracking Your Climbing and Training

Outdoor Tactics

Route Pyramids: Practical Application and the Quest to Climb Harder Grades

Q&A With Brian Suntay

Nutrition, Weight and Performance

Optimizing Body Composition for Climbing Performance


Journey to Twelve 5.12s in 2019: An Update

I sent my first 5.12: A weekend at the New River Gorge

Climbing in Thacher State Park: What to Know Before You Go

My First Climbing Competition

Deep Water Solo Mallorca

Spend Less: Money Savings Strategies for a Trip To Mallorca

A Weekend of Climbing in Rumney, NH

Climbing in the Gunks

About Me

My Story: When I decided to Get Good at Climbing

You Don’t Have to Quit Your Job to Get Better at Climbing