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Mental Training

Winning the Head Games: Climbing with Anxiety

9 Things You Can Learn from Not Sending Your Project

Climbing Technique

Sending Your First 5.12: Movement Drills for Climbers

Quick Tips for Climbing Overhang

How to Heel Hook Correctly

Two Classic, Effective Ways to Improve Footwork for Climbing


The Essentials of Increasing your Pinch Strength

Four Strength Training Myths Debunked: Lifting for Climbers

Essentials of Antagonist Training for Climbers

A Better Way to Train Your Abs

Four Hangboard Protocols to Increase Finger Strength

Travel Friendly Training: 2 Workouts you Can do Today with Minimal or no Equipment

Beginner Hangboarding: 6 Questions to ask yourself before you start hangboarding

Energy Systems

How to Train with a Moonboard

Climbing Endurance: A Guide to ARC Training

Running and Climbing Part 1: Can running help your climbing?

Running and Climbing Part 2: General vs. Sport Specific Endurance

Running and Climbing Part 3: Running for Weight Loss

Power Endurance: 4 Workouts to Improve Power Endurance

Planning Your Training

Self-Coaching During Covid-19

Quarantraining: At Home Climbing Resources for COVID-19

5 Tips for Two a Day Climbing Training

Training for Climbing: The Rule of 75/25

Climbing Goals for 2019 from Around the US

5 Reasons You Should Start Climbing in 2019

How to Train for Skiing and Climbing at the Same Time

Review of Steve Bechtel’s Logical Progression Program

How to Make A Training Plan Part 1: Goals You Can Point To

How to Make a Training Plan Part 2: The Six Elements of Sending

How to Make a Training Plan Part 3: Block Vs. Non-Linear Periodization

How to Make a Training Plan Part 4: Fitting it all in

How to Make a Training Plan Part 5: Tracking your Training

Three Reasons Why You Should Track Your Climbing and Training

A Comprehensive Guide to Tracking Your Climbing and Training

Outdoor Tactics

Route Pyramids: Practical Application and the Quest to Climb Harder Grades

Q&A With Brian Suntay


Optimizing Body Composition for Climbing Performance


How I Dealt with Tennis Elbow

Adventures and Crafts

How to Make a Pinch Block

How to Make a Route Pyramid Poster

Mallorca Trip Report: A Deep Water Solo Guide

Journey to Twelve 5.12s in 2019: An Update

I sent my first 5.12: A weekend at the New River Gorge

Climbing in Thacher State Park: What to Know Before You Go

My First Climbing Competition

Deep Water Solo Mallorca

Spend Less: Money Savings Strategies for a Trip To Mallorca

A Weekend of Climbing in Rumney, NH

Climbing in the Gunks

About Me

My Story: When I decided to Get Good at Climbing

You Don’t Have to Quit Your Job to Get Better at Climbing